The village of Lopuszna lies to the East of Nowy Targ, next to the road leading to Szczawnica. It is located at a height of 560 m above sea level bordering the Gorce mountain range and Orawsko-Nowatorska gorge in the Lopuszanka stream valley. The valley offers most picturesque and charming mountain landscapes in this part of the Gorce range. The significant variety of the landscape contributes to the charm: deep cut gorges, steep mountain slopes overgrown with forests, clean mountain streams and midforest glades with magnificent views over the Tatra Mountains and Podhale region.

Its name originates from lopuszyny (scrubland) –mainly from the larch family. The village encroaches into the mountain range by way of hamlets: Zarebek Nizni, Sredni, Wyzni and the Koszary estate. Above those only midforest glades on flattening and mountain ridges can be found. Two walking trails head out from the village towards Turbacz - the highest peak of the Gorce range. One of which, was already in use at the beginning of the 19th century, known as the Seweryn Goszczycki trail, leading from Zarebek Nizni next to Pucolowski Pond, along the Eastern side of Wyszna (1103m asl) over Kiczora (1284m asl) and then along Hala Dluga and finally to Turbacz (1311m asl).
Główną atrakcją miejscowości jest XV-wieczny gotycki kościół drewniany pw. Świętej Trójcy i św. Antoniego Opata. W Łopusznej znajduje się również dwór tzw. dwór Tetmajerów z ok. 1790 r. (przebudowany pod koniec XIX w.), który przez pewien czas należał do Leona Przerwy-Tetmajera.

The main attraction of the village is a 15th century gothic wooden church, known as Swietej Trójcy and st. Antoniego Opata. There is also a manor, known as Tetmajer manor, dating from around 1790 (rebuilt at the end of the 19th century), which for some time, belonged to Leon Przewa-Tetmajer.
Currently the manor is a subsidiary of the Tatra Museum (Muzeum Tatrzanskie) and houses an ethnographic exposition. There are plans to create a Polish Nobility Culture Museum (Muzeum Kultury Szlacheckiej) at the site. The village lies on the Lesser Poland Voivodeship’s Wooden Architecture Trail (Szlak Architektury Drewnianej).
The priest Józef Tischner grew up attended school and conducted first mass in Lopuszna. His grave lies at the local graveyard. Lopuszna also boasts a football club, currently playing in the Podhale A League.
Priest Józef Tischner PhD (1931 – 2000)
Born in Stary Sacz, linked with Lopuszna since childhood. His parents, Józef Tischner (1902 – 1980) and Weronika of Chowance (1904-1993) during the inter-war period and after the Nazi occupation were teachers in Lopuszna for dozens of years. Despite the fact that they spent their retirement in Stary Sacz and that’s where they were laid to rest, the inhabitants of Lopuszna have found memories of them. In Lopuszna in 1995, priest Józef Tischner conducted his first mass, and after a number of years thanked God for his 25 years of calling (1980). He spent every moment which he could spare from his academic duties at the Pontifical Academy of Theology (Papieska Akademia Teologiczna) in Kraków and the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen (Instutut Nauk o Czlowieku) in Vienna at this village home. As a chaplain of the Zwiazek Podhalan, since 1982, every second Sunday of August he conducted, taking turns with priest Wladyslaw Zazel, mass at the Turbacz chapel. The mass was usually attended by hundreds of highlanders and tourists. He was awarded the Order of the White Eagle (Order Orla Bialego) – Poland’s highest decoration awarded to civilians. He died after prolonged and cruel suffering on the 28th of June 2000 at the age of 69 and was laid to rest in the Lopuszna cemetery.
Lopuszna is an interesting place for tourists wishing to have an absorbing time both in summer and in winter. There is a horse riding centre in Lopuszna and also cycling trails. The Czorsztynskie Lake, Kluszkowice-Czorsztyn Ski lifts and the Sosna glade in Niedzica are within 15 minutes car drive. Furthermore there are ski lifts in Bialka-Kotlenice and Bania nearby.  
A trip on the Danube River - A trip on the Danube River on a raft is an amazing way to enjoy unspoilt nature, unchanged since thousands of years – one of the biggest European tourist attractions. At the same time, it is the best way to sightsee the Pieninski National Park (Pieninski Park Narodowy). The rafting tradition stems back from the first part of the 19th century. Within its course, the Danube River has gouged a romantic gorge in the limestone cliffs of the Pieniny Mountains, known as the Przelom Dunajca. We progress down the river on a wooden raft constructed from linked narrow boats, along a deep and winding gorge. The Danube River weaves and meanders between steep cliffs. The surrounding, rapidly changing views are breathtaking. During the journey the raftsmen tell colourful tales of the Pieniny Mountains, often remembering the Janosik legend. The rafting season lasts from May to October. The trip begins at the Sromowce-Katy wharf. The time taken to raft over 7 loops depends on the water levels – between 2 and 3 hours. One raft can accommodate a maximum of 12 adults (+ two raftsmen). The trip ends at the Szczawnica Nizna wharf.
RAFTING on the Danube can also be accomplished on pontoons, and this takes place along the Sromowce Wyzne – Szczawnica section. This is intended both for experienced and novice participants. Children can also enjoy this activity. The coolness of the water, mountain air, beauty of the landscape park allow one to forget about the stresses of daily life.
Kayaking on the Danube river, takes place in pneumatic two man vessels along mountain rivers under the supervision of an instructor and does not require major technical ability from the participants but provides a lot of satisfaction. Pneumatic kayaks allow even beginner kayakers to have a problem free trip. An instructor, supervises the group in a one man kayak, and is there to provide help if a critical situation arises or just to indicate the right way.  
Ski resort Czorsztyn-Ski
Widely known and liked family ski resort Czorsztyn Ski, located on the slopes of the Wdzar Mountain, which due to its formation offers a unique microclimate presents ideal skiing conditions. The proof lies in the fact that every year the last skiers ski down the slopes at the end of April. The name of the resort should not imply that they only operate in winter – feel free to visit all year round.
Platter lifts;
1. length 680 elevation difference 150 throughput 900 time to the top 3.45 length of piste 850/1200
2. length 460 elevation difference 70 throughput 700 time to the top 4.50 length of piste 500
3. length 90 elevation difference 10 throughput 500 time to the top 0.50 length of piste 95
Chairlift (2 man chairs)
length 550 elevation difference 150 throughput 1200 time to the top 4.50 length of piste 850/1200, Cross-country skiing routes from 1 to 6 km.
Lifts at the Sosna Niedzica glade (15km)
The lift located opposite the Sromowiec Wyzny on the opposite bank of the Danube. Three ski lifts and seven pistes, floodlit slopes, artificial snow machines and pistes prepared by a ratrack. Furthermore: licensed skiing school, ski and snowboarding equipment hire, free parking, small catering outlets as well as a stylish restaurant and accommodation.
Snowmobile rental – Maniowy  
Chair lift on the Palenica-Szczawnica (25)
length 783m,. elevation difference 260m (slope Palenica I with artificial snow machines length 1000m. elevation difference 250m, approved by the FIS and PZN authorities, slope Palenica II length 1800m, elevation difference 270m – piste stretching from the summit of Szfranówka all the way to the foot of Palenica where it joins the Palenica I piste, Szfranówka slope – two parallel t-bar lifts 350m in length, elevation difference of 75m, easy piste with artificial snow)
Half pipe – a full sized snowboarding half pipe with a t-bar lift on the Southern slopes of Palenica.
Dluga glade Nowy Targ (10km) – main lift – t-bar, small lift – for beginners  
12 lifts in Bialka Tatrzanska (12km) a skiing resort with lifts for everyone  
The highland thermals in Szaflary (12km) – the facility consists of all year round thermal pools, indoor and outdoor, amongst which you can find:
  • An indoor pool with a three lane family water slid;
  • An indoor multifunctional pool with hydro massage equipment;
  • Outdoor “outlet” pool with hydro massage equipment;
  • Outdoor recreational pool with hydro massage equipment and a “wild river”. Furthermore above the pool stretches a “climbing” net.
  • Outdoor paddling pool with a BUBU fountain; The water temperature in the pools is maintained between 30°C and 38°C and comes from the bore-hole IG-1 operated by PEC Geotarmia Podhalańska and located next to the hotel. Thermal pools, with total surface of 970 m2 are equipped with various hydro massage facilities, such as: water lances, water massage benches, couches and benches for air massage, water geysers and lances and a machine for neck massage by a wide and narrow stream of water. Additionally in the main pool hall there is a steam bath and a “Whirlpool” tub. The thermal mineral water which fills the pool troughs can easily be used for balneology. Its healing properties have a soothing effect on the muscular tissue and the joints, neurosis, eases skin problems, and improves one’s state of mind. This positive effect will be magnified by the water and air hydro massage equipment. The variety of pool attractions will ensure a pleasant time for children, teenagers as well as adults and those enjoying the autumns of their lives.
Thermals in Bukowina Tatrzanska (15km)
These thermals are a health and rehabilitation resort and an entertainment centre for the whole family. The resort is situated in a quiet area surrounded by woodlands with beautiful view over the mountains. A wide ranging health and tourist infrastructure is being crated there.
The thermal facilities will encompass 12 pools: 6 outdoor and 6 indoor, out of which each will be equipped with aqua therapy units. 10 bathing pools will operate all year round. The water temperature will be between 29-39 oC. A number of attractions for children are also planned, amongst other a water sand pit and slide and dedicated swimming baths for the youngest. Within the area of the thermals, various saunas will be available: Roman, Finnish and highlander, as well as a gym, solarium, beauty parlours offering massage and cosmetic procedures. A rehabilitation unit for the disabled and a doctor’s practice will be located there as well.

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